Across the Creek: Faulkner Family Stories

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Indeed, he had been talking regularly with students of Floyd Watkins and Sally Wolff, professors at Emory University, as he led them on tours through Oxford and Lafayette County. From these experiences he began to tell "Faulkner stories" at universities all over the country, most recently at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado, where he was able to mingle his literary lore with his flying tales to a most appreciative and enthusiastic audience. Jimmy, the son of wniter-artist John Faulkner and the nephew of Nobel Prize winning author William Faulkner, emerged in my work on the catalogue of the William Faulkner collection at Tulane University during the late s.

I saw him again when Rowan Oak, William's home in Oxford, was dedicated as an historic site in the early s. In the summer of , with my wife, Judith, I began to work on a study of his father, John, mostly with manuscripts and letters spread out on the table in his dining room, on the table that Old Colonel, William and John's great-grandfather, had carried across the mountains into Tennessee and then Mississippi in the s, it was only then that I really began to know Jimmy.

James Murry “Jimmy” Faulkner

Yes, I knew he had been exceptionally close and helpful to his uncle William--Professor Blotner, with whom Jimmy shared both literary and flying interests, cites him consistently through both biographies. In a now well-known letter, William gave Jimmy fanciful advice on flying in combat and then sent him his goggles from his own aviation training during WWI.

Jimmy's father, whom he called by his first name John, also sent him a letter offering the advice of a father and an aviator: "Good-night and remember the one rule a pilot needs to remember--Be careful!

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The main entrance is from the north, where a massive wall runs from north-east to south-west. This provides privacy for the client, but also helps shade the interiors from the summer sunlight, which can be harsh.

My Bigfoot Story - Pine Water Creek Track Traps

An open-plan kitchen, living, and dining room occupies the centre of the home and overlooks the ravine below. A corridor follows the main concrete wall, leading to private quarters at either end of the longitudinal home.

In addition to the two full bedrooms, a partial lower level contains a meditation space that can be used as a sleeping area when required. Above the main volume of the house, a single room serves as a home office, but also acts as a clerestory window to bring light and air into the centre of the building.

Faulkner Architects wanted to avoid a top-down approach to the design, and engaged with the client's family throughout the process.