AO/ASIF Instrumentation: Manual of Use and Care

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The first four chapters provide overviews of general assessment, diagnosis, resuscitation and the principles of abdominal exploration. The following 13 chapters are system or organ based and include sections on urogenital trauma, previously contained in the second volume of the series, in addition to management of trauma in pregnancy and sexual assault.

The final three chapters are based upon abdominal vascular injury, including retroperitoneal haematoma. Each chapter begins with a historical vignette and provides anatomical and pathological reviews.

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Illustrations are excellent and references numerous. However, the principle emphasis is on patient management, operative technique and the assessment and treatment of postoperative complications. This valuable compilation of practical advice on the management of abdominal injuries is recommended to trainees sitting postgraduate examinations and to all general surgeons who treat patients with abdominal trauma.

Within the last 30 years the scientific and technological advances have improved the outcome in musculoskeletal injuries.

The most notable advances pertinent to fractures were introduced by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur osteosynthesefragen A0 group. The second edition of this excellent book has come out.

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The text has been meticulously organised and many additions of new instruments, implants and operation techniques almost double the length of the manual. The techniques used in the A0 system have been well described. Since the aim of modem fracture surgery is to decrease significantly the disability and disfigurement, all fracture surgeons must understand these techniques and also train operating room staff so that the best outcome in each case can be achieved.

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The editors have compiled an excellent manual of A0 techniques and the quality of illustrations is first class. This manual is a must in all trauma theatres.

Manual of Internal Fixation Techniques Recommended by the Ao Asif Group

All professionals involved in the surgical management of fracture victims regardless of their level of training or practice must read and, I emphasize, understand the techniques described in this manual. Readers who liked and used the first edition will love and wear out this edition. DM Your name.

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The colleagues of the past 20 years who have contributed to the case material upon which this manual is based are too numerous to credit by name. ASIF Instrumentation. Preoperative Intraoperative and Postoperative Guidelines. Introduction Indications for Internal Fixation. Closed Fractures.

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Open Fractures. Treatment of Mandibular Fractures in Children. Reconstruction of Segmental Defects in Tumor Surgery.