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You can see the joy with which these actors get their teeth into these great lines, after living through movies in which flat dialogue serves only to advance the story". Newsweek magazine's Jack Kroll observed of Alec Baldwin's performance, "Baldwin is sleekly sinister in the role of Blake, a troubleshooter called in to shake up the salesmen. He shakes them up, all right, but this character not in the original play also shakes up the movie's toned balance with his sheer noise and scatological fury".

It's also because of the breathtaking wizardry with which Mr. Mamet and Mr.

7. Jonathan Pryce

Foley have made a vivid, living film that preserves the claustrophobic nature of the original stage work". In his review for Time , Richard Corliss wrote, "A peerless ensemble of actors fills Glengarry Glen Ross with audible glares and shudders.

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The play was zippy black comedy about predators in twilight; the film is a photo-essay, shot in morgue closeup, about the difficulty most people have convincing themselves that what they do matters". If his intention is to create a sense of claustrophobia, he also creates the presumably unwanted effect of a soundstage.

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There is no evidence of life outside the immediate world of the movie". The film has had an enduring legacy for its memorable dialogue and performances, particularly that of Alec Baldwin, whose character was created for the film adaptation.

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Entertainment Weekly. Chicago Sun-Times. Washington Post. July 30, National Review. The A. The Atlantic. Retrieved 25 June December 17, USA Today. Films directed by James Foley. David Mamet. Glengarry Glen Ross on Broadway Background. Theatre Information. Entrance: 45th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. John Golden Theatre Seating Chart. Creative Team. These guys already see it every damn day, right in that spot. A theater audience would never catch that kind of detail, apart from maybe those in the front row.

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