Handbook of Arabic Literacy: Insights and Perspectives

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This article seeks to offer a corrective by exploring which forms of media literacy may promote the participation, resilience and belonging of young migrants and refugees.

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After moving to the Netherlands, migrant youth between 12 and 18 years old follow these two to three-years courses in preparation to entering regular secondary education, college or the labor market. At Ithaka ISK, an International Transition Classes course provider, we developed and ran a media literacy education program in collaboration with teachers and students.


With an eye on strengthening the sense of participation of young migrants, we propose a plural conception of media literacy education based on visual media production, civic engagement and critical consciousness. The 21 st century competences of visual media making are particularly crucial for young migrants also because they are commonly painfully aware of how they are dominantly represented Friezem, Through making media young migrants may learn to re-value their creativity, read against the grain and assert themselves differently. Thirdly, instead of being represented as faceless, voiceless and helpless masses, by choosing how to represent themselves they can appear as individual human beings with specific dreams and aspirations.

Although we should not generalize media power im balances — as access to mainstream content production is very hierarchical — making media and showing it to peers can become an act of civic engagement, agency and empowerment, which is important for self-development, identity and belonging. Developing media-literacy education for young migrant students from the perspective of teachers and students offers new means of establishing needed common grounds between diverging strands of media literacy research Berger et al.

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Additional research is needed on the understudied purposes of media literacy education outside the Global North. Also, little is known about the potential impact of media literacy education on the lives of other vulnerable, disadvantaged and marginalized groups, including youth from working class families and lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans- and intersex minorities.

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    Handbook of Arabic Literacy : Insights and Perspectives

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