I Can Learn the Bible. The Joshua Code for Kids: 52 Devotions and Scriptures for Kids

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Week 52" and is a total of 4 pages long. The illustrations are cute and done in fun but muted colors. I wish the full page illustrations of the scriptures were available as printables or even coloring pages - these would be a fantastic resource to hang on the wall. Each devotional ends with the same phrase: "God's Word is for me and to me , it is in me , and working through me , and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Go Shopping:. He means that the Lord is always with us, He will keep us from getting lost, and He will protect us. Do you think a shepherd walks behind or in front of his sheep? He walks in front! He leads them and shows them where they need to go. Just like a shepherd, Jesus leads the way for us. David says something else very important: "I have everything I need.

Sometimes we want things other people have, and we don't feel happy until we get what we want.

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But Jesus wants us to be content. That means being happy and thankful for what we do have, not only thinking about what we don't have. Do you trust Jesus to be your Shepherd, to watch over you and give you everything you need? If so, tell Him! Dear Lord, thank You for being my Shepherd and leading me.

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Sometimes I want I promise to follow You. In Jesus' name, amen. Have you ever eaten a fluffy, warm biscuit, fresh from the oven? A lot of ingredients were put into that biscuit to make it taste so good. But if you were to take a bite of the flour, just by itself, it would taste awful. Or if you licked only the baking soda off of the spoon, you might gag!

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Once you add all of the ingredients together, though, you get a wonderful result—a warm, delicious biscuit. Like those yucky ingredients, some things in life "taste" bad to us or make us very sad. Maybe we get hurt, or we lose someone or something we love. This week's verse teaches us that even though these things may make us sad, God can use them, along with other things in our lives, to make something good. God may choose to teach you a lesson through your sadness, or He may use you one day to help someone else who is feeling sad, just like you did.

Either way, God promises us that even when bad things happen, He can actually turn them into good things and use them for a reason in our lives. Did you notice the first two words of this verse? It says, "We know. And does it say some things? No, it says everything! The last part of the verse shows us that this promise is only for those of us who love God and are part of His family.

Romans can bring you a lot of comfort now and throughout the rest of your life. What are some bad things that have happened to you? Can you think of a way God has used some of those things for good? Dear Lord, thank You for working out everything in my life for good. I love You and I believe that You only want the best for me.

I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids: 52 Devotions and Scriptures for Kids

Please help me when I am feeling sad about Help me remember that You can make bad things into good things, even when I don't understand. One day Jesus was teaching on a mountainside. He told all of the people listening that even if you do the right thing on the outside, it doesn't please God unless you also have the right attitude on the inside. This part of His lesson is called "The Beatitudes.

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For example, if your teacher tells you to finish your math worksheet and you finish it while stomping your feet, saying unkind words, and having a bad attitude inside your heart, is Jesus pleased? It's not just the math worksheet He cares about—it's the attitude of your heart. When our hearts have a good attitude, we will want to do the right thing; that's called righteousness. It's a big word that means doing the right thing because we want to honor God, follow His laws, and live a life that pleases Him.

This week's verse says that wanting to do the right thing will make us happy and blessed.

What is your very favorite thing to drink? Talk about that with your family. Now, imagine playing outside on a very hot day and then running inside. You see a big, tall glass of your favorite drink sitting on the counter. Think about how thirsty you would be for that drink! That is how Jesus wants us to thirst after doing the right thing.

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Now, this verse does not tell us that we have to be perfect all the time because God's love for us never depends on how good we are, right? It means that if we hunger and thirst for what's right—if we really, truly want to do right—He will help us. Dear Lord, help me remember that You care not only about what I do for You but also about what is inside my heart. Please give me a hunger and a thirst to be righteous and to do the right thing. And thank You, Jesus. Do you remember Psalm ? Recite it! Just like that verse, our verse for this week compares us to sheep.

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You should know a few things about sheep:. What animals do you see doing tricks at the circus? Do you ever see sheep? Not usually, because most sheep are not smart enough to learn tricks.