Layoffs & Hope: Advice & Inspiration for Better Work Life

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The writer pours his heart and soul into pages of this fascinating book. Also the author, as expected from a professional manager with 32 years of experience, superbly puts things in perspective from the business and economic points of view giving a comprehensive understanding or what is happening in this awful economic down turn and why. While the first focus of the book is on those directly affected, it expands by formulating the best industry practices as far as alternatives to layoffs are.

But it does a lot more than that by defining how the work life of the future will look like. Many readers have found this book extremely helpful in guiding them to re-think their toxic work life issues that had enslaved them, and to become CEOs of their own lives and careers. As a Senior Program and Technology Consultant in Silicon Valley, California, the author spent eight years from the moment that he was angry enough to put his feelings and his management experience in writing for the benefit of others until today that the book is published.

Those who read manuscripts indicated that even at that stage, the book resonated with them strongly! It is his sincere hope that his 32 years of management experience in the often-volatile high-tech industry can be used to help everyone better cope with such painful event as Sudden Job Loss Sudden Job Loss , or even Fear of Sudden Job Loss which is as debilitating as Fear of Flying.

The economic crisis of has proven to all that there must be a better way. The author has personally suffered through the disruptive boom and bust of industry economic cycles. He has been forced to lay off valuable employees and have witnessed the devastation Sudden Job Loss SJL has on those individuals and their families.

A large part of you will scream to hold on to what you know. Hope you enjoy the post! My worklife has come to an end. I am relieved, and happy. For a number of reasons discussed below, I preferred to be laid off instead of quitting. This is not a book review. Plenty of experienced and high-traffic bloggers have already done so. Buy the book, if the subject interests you.

It is good to be frugal, but also good to support your satisfactions. Buy it. It is hard to be patient. Readers of Yakezie blogs are self-selecting, and skew to those with a bias toward action and results. My biggest takeaways from the book involved guidance on persistence and relationships. Very useful in seeking any goal. To be clear, this outcome was not my first choice. But it was the first choice of my available choices. I hung on for a long time, keeping my skills and network current. But a growing realization that I had topped out in pay and responsibility, combined with shrinking opportunities everywhere, made acceptance easier.

I was hoping for a turnaround in the economy or that my employer would be bought by a larger firm, which would have opened up new possibilities for me. With my financial assets in place, it seemed like a good time to make an exit. I did a web search on the subject, came upon a review at Retire By 40, and bought the book. It seemed like just what I was looking for, a real-life example from someone who accomplished what I was setting out to do. Already knowing what was in it for me, I now had to convince my employer that laying me off provided something for them. That was a frustrating issue for six months.

I had become unprofitable. Preparation, meet Opportunity! My employer downsized from to people during the last six years, and now had no new work on the horizon. Poor form, employer! The behavior always had an excuse, but not justification. It appeared the owners now needed to put a shine on the balance sheets by getting rid of less-than-profitable heads. But they had painted themselves in a corner. I was happy to pick Door 2 and requested to be laid off.

What that layoff taught me about my job

I pointed out their own policy, and it was clear that it was a layoff. They put themselves in a bind their words and whatever the solution is will be quite costly for them. I hope they figure things out. The average speaking rate is words-per-minute.

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The average reading speed is words-per-minute. Good readers double that. Reading delivers information efficiently, and fortunately I love books, and love to read. Of hundreds of business strategy, personal finance, and performance improvement books, just a few stand out.

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Ringer; the lessons involve how not to be intimidated. Ferris, which describes a flexible location-based lifestyle I have been living for the past five years. These books, among others, helped to change my life for the better.

Article: Handling Telecom Layoffs: Expert Views

With six months of living expenses I would not have received had I resigned, the results speak for themselves. Examples of relationships I would need to cultivate, persuasive arguments I would need to make, and real practical advice are all included and have paid for the book a thousand times over. Thank you for the book, Financial Samurai. Since my middle teens, I had determined that working to age 67 in a job I was ambivalent about was not of interest to me. The mistakes are all mine. But my three financial mentors my father, a high-school teacher, and a more seasoned colleague , all saved me from wasting time and effort by avoiding even more pitfalls.

I am in their debt, and have expressed my gratitude to them many times over the years; it was not my entitlement, they gave me a gift. Funny thing; with time, wants become needs. And inflation has more than quadrupled since Not a problem, but it is good to remember and act accordingly. For most of us, the best and fastest way to accumulate the capital needed for Financial Independence is through work. I never had a great-paying, or high-profile job, like our host FS. But I did work a lot, trading time for money, and stuck to an investment discipline. There were times like when I got out of college and unemployment was But perseverance and time are great advantages, when everyone else is giving up, spending stupidly as if this snapshot in time will last forever, and placing all value on the present at the expense of the future.

Those three, and Equities, are really the only methods to make the jumps in asset accumulation needed to achieve Financial Independence, because they involve Risk but also significant potential Reward. Assessing Risk changes quite a bit as one ages through the system. Eliminating Debt is also a big part of my method. In younger years, leveraging smart debt is a good risk because the upside is tremendous. At this point in my life, an extra few potential percentage points of return does not compare well with the potential for loss.

With this in mind, eliminating any mortgage, car lease, or other debt service does two things; it reduces my need for cashflow, and eliminates the outstanding risk.

Bruce Razban: "Layoffs & Hope": Advice & Inspiration for Better Work Life!

After a misfired attempt to leave the rat-race of work ended in humbling frustration five years ago, my wonderful wife and I are trying it again. The layoff provided me the following advantages to a resignation. This will be handy if I ever do need to re-enter a traditional worklife. I filed the day after final separation, and was approved five working days later.

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  • The annual k match for was not made until several weeks after my layoff. I asked for that match, noting that I had worked through and it would be a shame not to receive the company-wide match, per policy and it has been received. It was not a huge amount, but certainly not small. Badmouthing my former employer is not on my agenda, as the relationship was mutually fair and profitable until recently. This actually worked in my favor, as the employer-imposed deadline for my decision was intended to pressure me.

    But my mind had been made up for awhile to get laid off if possible, and it was very much a positive outcome to the situation presented. It made my wife laugh, and she suggested that I send it back because they might need it more than us. My LinkedIn profile is closed, and I spent the weekend tossing decades of work-related files and documents.