Louisiana: A History

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You have to really want it. Shelves: louisiana-history. Haas, and Michael L. It does what it sets out to do, but not in any unique or interesting way. Themes that stood out to me include government neglect, corruption, apathy, and an abusive and vampiric ruling class, which frequently made for depressing reading. I firmly disagree with the assertion in the introduction that Louisiana history is representative of the experiences of other states, or of America in general.

That is not to say comparisons can't be made, merely that when Louisiana is concerned such comparisons should be made with care, because, in many ways, Louisiana is clearly in a class of her own.

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Since this book does its job, but is not very entertaining or possess much insight. Three stars. Apr 05, J. Paulk rated it really liked it Shelves: good-history. This is the definitive text on the history of Louisiana. While far from exhaustive, it isn't meant to be. As a survey text, it is outstanding and gives a good feel for how the politics of the area have helped shape the state and its culture.

Louisiana has a rich and varied history that has helped to make it an area that is perhaps more different from the rest of the nation than any other state. How many other states have a population of people who speak a foreign language, yet are native to the This is the definitive text on the history of Louisiana.

How many other states have a population of people who speak a foreign language, yet are native to the area? While French-speaking Cajuns are certainly a minority, they are indicative of all the unique characteristics of the state. May 26, Korry Thorpe rated it really liked it. This book really held my interest however the reasons it held my interest don't speak all that highly of Louisiana.

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Politics filled with corruption, racism and incompetence throughout their history make for interesting reading but not much to be proud of. In the last few years it appears that they have made major inroads into reducing the racism, here's hoping they can make progress on the other two as well Jun 15, Syd rated it liked it Shelves: history. The best thing about this book are the photographs. It's a good beginner read to Louisiana history, but goes into very little detail about any events.

Read it to find out what else you want to read or what historical figures you find interesting. Zoey rated it it was ok Aug 15, Rodney rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Kayla Gonzalez rated it liked it Dec 01, Duane Prejean rated it really liked it Jun 19, Ed Whiteman rated it really liked it Jun 02, Shane Bernard rated it really liked it Jul 07, Theodis rated it it was amazing Apr 25, Dyan rated it really liked it Oct 26, April Mancuso McDonald rated it it was ok May 01, Tina Leger rated it it was amazing Jul 22, Mary-Lyn Armand rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Sam A.

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Shelby Fountain rated it it was amazing Oct 07, Jason rated it liked it Jun 15, Ashleigh rated it it was ok May 09, Holly rated it liked it Aug 18, Arthur rated it really liked it Feb 15, DunceCapGenius rated it liked it Feb 04, Histories are great sources of genealogical information. Many contain biographical information about individuals who lived in the area, including:. Some of the most valuable sources for family history research are local histories.

Published histories of towns, parishes, and states usually contain accounts of families.

They describe the settlement of the area and the founding of churches, schools, and businesses. You can also find lists of pioneers, soldiers, and civil officials.

Louisiana: A History, 6th Edition

Even if your ancestor is not listed, information on other relatives may be included that will provide important clues for locating your ancestor. A local history may also suggest other records to search. Local histories are extensively collected by the Family History Library , public and university libraries, and state and local historical societies. Good genealogists strive to understand the life and times of their ancestors. In this sense, any history is useful. But certain kinds of state, parish, and local histories, especially older histories published between and , often include biographical sketches of prominent individuals.

The sketches usually tend toward the laudatory, but may include some genealogical details. If these histories are indexed or alphabetical, check for an ancestor's name. Some examples for the State of Louisiana are:.

To find more books and articles about Louisiana's history use the Internet Google search for phases like "Louisiana history. To request editing rights on the Wiki, click here. From FamilySearch Wiki. Adopt a page today. A Bibliography of American County Histories.

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Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore: Magna Charta Book, Jumonville; Compiled by Florence M. Louisiana: A Narrative History. FHL book