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This Pathfinder Player Companion is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Pathfinder campaign setting, but can easily be incorporated into any fantasy world. Print Edition : Available now. PDF :. Non-Mint :. Are there errors or omissions in this product information?

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Undead Grafts - body prothestics made from dead flesh! Cursed Magic Item creation rules and prices. The six Golarion Black Market descriptions.

D&D Stories #12: The Ouroboros Contract (4/4) (18+)

Most feats and spells are rather specialized. I'm wondering if we'll get stuff like information on where black markets for, say, illegal magic and alchemy can be found. Dangit, I guess Paizo has gone away from the previous gothic horror themed Blood of books for October. I really loved Blood of the Moon. I hope there will be more interesting items then new poisons, necromantic items, etc.

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This is especially true since isn't October the month we used to get some interesting race books. An inhaled, area sleeping poison, please.

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And a sleep bomb for alchemists, or else a way to take the poison bomb ninja trick as an alchemist without becoming a Daggermark Poisoner. Obviously I can't promise anything, but I AM interested in what people DO want to see in this book, and books like it. I want to know about slavery in the inner sea. Deidre Tiriel May 7, , pm 2 people marked this as a favorite.

How would a player know where to find it?

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  • Pricing on cursed items. If I'm buying a Helm of Opposite Alignment because I intend to shove it on someone's head, what's it gonna cost?

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    And how much trouble am I in if the supplier turns out to be an undercover inquisitor? Actually, that makes me wonder about laws regarding Enchantment in general, but not sure if that would fit with the Black Markets stuff. For the new poisons, I hope that there will be versions of them that utilize the Unchained poison rules as well as the regular ones.

    As for the poisons themselves, ones that lend themselves well to narrative uses would be appreciated, like ones that can cause gradual memory loss, ones that can cause mutation and deformity, perhaps even one capable of giving spellcasters spellblights from Ultimate Magic, or have a chance of developing one whenever they cast a spell while under the effect. A poison that could temporarily strip someone of their spellcasting power could be interesting Necromantic magic items, one thing that would interest me is necromantic prosthetics or grafts.

    Replacing a lost arm or leg with an undead variant that can move almost like the real thing would be tempting to some, perhaps Alternatively, someone might want a little something extra up their sleeve to give them an edge Obviously, I don't think you could introduce too many, but one or two could be interesting. Another possibility would be a pouch of necromantic seeds you could bury in corpses that would rise overnight as zombies or something similar Easy to see why it would be illegal, while still being a way for a type with fewer ethical restraints to cause a distraction or sow chaos For eldritch smuggling items, I like the notion of playing with extradimensional spaces Or a robe that can be turned inside out multiple time, each time a different robe with different coloration and pockets, so someone could search the robe without finding anything unless they knew the trick to it Or linked containers that can teleport their contents between each other when one is opened without the correct command or by someone not the owner.

    Or something like a folding boat that looks like a large crate, but can be transformed into a suitcase or a small vanity box, each with their own separate interior only found when the object is in that form. Could include a good black market in an evil country selling hope on the sly. Maybe stats on a famous smuggler or two who could be PC allies or opponents, depending on the situation.

    Supply and demand. Adjusting regular market prices in extreme situations like war or natural disasters. I hear many merchants quickly put out hitmen and assassins to eliminate any such completion though so those items might be too hot even for the black markets! Perhaps a place where people could just trade said irregular spell level items, of course a nominal fee would be charged for the service.

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    How many would really walk away from tbat deal on principal, complaining the. I noticed what looked like a slave for sale in the early cover artwork. I am sure sine forms of slavery is outlawed but funny thing about Golarion is that other than Andoran, you could buy slaves in the open market! I'd like to see info. I would also like to see some new illegal spells. Preferably many or most of these spells won't be evil. Harness the powers of air, earth, fire, and water to bring your elementally inclined character to life!


    Civilizations have risen and fallen across Golarion for thousands of years, leaving legends and ruins in their wake. Touched by benevolent beings of the good Outer Planes somewhere in their ancestry, aasimars are viewed with either awe or fear by all who know of their celestial heritage. These are the realms of angels and demons, gods and goddesses—entire new realities where anything can happen!

    Great heroes are defined by those they strive against, and a story isn't complete without a wicked villain behind it all!

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    The merchants of Golarion have honed their skills for years, plumbed ancient sites of legend, and made deals with otherworldly forces to dredge up miraculous magic items salable to intrepid adventurers such as yourself. Whether you seek to poison enemies with a mere gesture, walk the ocean floor in search of plunder, shatter bones with magical hammers, or enhance your body with clockwork prostheses, these dealers are sure to offer the key to your success. In addition, these practiced merchants each offer a host of unique and useful abilities to teach their favored and frequent customers.

    Magical Marketplace contains dozens of new magic items and character options keyed to a variety of shops both big and small within the Pathfinder campaign setting.

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