Rethinking Reification Marcuse, Psychoanalysis, And Gay Liberation

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Wedding Marxist philosophical pragmatism with Freudian meta- psychology, Marcuse can state the following: Under optimum conditions, the prevalence, in mature civilization, of material and intellectual wealth would be such as to allow painless gratification of needs, while domination would no longer systematically forestall such gratification.

Consequently, the antagonistic relations between pleasure principle and reality principle would be altered in favor of the former. This new morality, not given from above, but produced out of the transformation of historical conditions by free human subjects, might even alter our perception and experience of death itself: In a repressed civilization, death itself becomes an instrument of repression.

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Whether death is feared as a constant threat, or glorified as supreme sacrifice, or accepted as fate, the education for consent to death introduces an element of surrender into life from the beginning— surrender and submission. Locating the source of cultural revolution in the immanent liberation of the primordial sex drives has an obvious universal appeal and seductive individual one. One can wonder how a life constructed around experiencing guilt-free, physical gratification in the here and now might not only alter our sense of self, but even our perception of time, and the people we pass that time with.

One might wonder what other 22 Eros, Racial barriers? National boundaries?

Economic disparities? These could all be subordinate to our common goal of libidinal gratification, of sensuality in excelsis. Rather, it is the influence it has had in the academy, and now, the popular culture.

For countless young people, discontented, demonstrating or fulminating, on campus or in the streets, here and abroad, this year-old philosopher is the angel of the apocalypse. Whether in explicitly secular academic environments e.

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The increasingly prevalent, even aggressive, trend in academics, political culture, and now, evangelical Christianity e. Reason or transcendent Being e. Jesus Christ , but with their sexual instincts and even sexual organs,32 is avoidable only through intentional acts of denial.

BLM are often found demonstrating together? Space has not permitted the additional investigation of the kinds of tactics Marcuse advocated for promoting his view, tactics that themselves have altered the very nature of political, social, and now religious discourse in the culture. Altman, Dennis.

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More Details. A reevaluation of Marcuse's philosophy of technology - UTas ePrints This thesis provides a reevaluation of Herbert Marcuse's philosophy of technology. An Essay on Liberation.

Boston: Beacon , Roberta Dreon robdre unive. An Essay on Liberation , Boston: Beacon. Art's Commitment to Liberation in Marcuse's Philosophy and the liberation of mankind are the integral parts that form art and they. Marcuse , An Essay on Liberation ,. Boston, Beacon Press, ; H.

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