Soil Mechanics for Unsaturated Soils

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A new model for predicting hydraulic conductivity of unsaturated porous media. Determination of shear strength parameters of unsaturated silts and sands based on the retention curve. Padilla, J.

Water repellent soils: the case for unsaturated soil mechanics

A new soil-water characteristic curve device. Pham, H. An engineering model of hysteresis for soil-water characteristic curves.

Pham, Q. A volume-mass constitutive model for unsaturated soils. A simple soil-water hysteresis model for predicting the boundary wetting curve. A practical hysteresis model for the soil-water characteristic curve for soils with negligible volume change. A relationship describing the shear strength of unsaturated soils.

Canadian Geotechnical Journal

Rawls, W. Prediction of soil-water properties for hydrologic modeling. Edited by E. Jones and T. Regionalization of soil-water retention curves in a highly variable landscape: I- Developing a new pedo-transfer function. Sillers, W. Mathematical representation of the soil-water characteristic curve. Statistical assessment of soil-water characteristic curve models for geotechnical engineering.

Sheng, D. An alternative modelling approach for unsaturated soils.

NPTEL :: Civil Engineering - Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

Edited by Z. Yin, J. Yuan, and A. Science Press, Beijing, China. Tani M. The properties of a water-table rise produced by a one-dimensional, vertical, unsaturated flow.

  • A comparative study of shear strength equations for unsaturated soils.
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An equation for predicting shear strength envelope with respect to matric suction. Thieu, N. Edited by N. Application of fractal mathematics to soil water retention estimations. UPC Geomechanics Group.

Modeling and validation of the thermal-hydraulic-mechanical and geotechnical behaviour of the clay barrier. Final Report. Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

Soil Mechanics for Unsaturated Soils

Vanapalli, S. Comparison of different procedures to predict unsaturated soil shear strength. Edited by C. Shackelford, S.

Houston, and N. The meaning and relevance of residual water content to unsaturated soils. When comparing with other sensors operating inside soil specimens in standard laboratorial tests, these sol-gel sensors extend the operation range available with the alternative technologies: while conventional tensiometers measure suction ranges from 0 to 1. Related Articles:. Date: November 30, A New Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

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