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This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting. In some cases, the examples are provided at lower-level versions. Where there are significant differences, multiple versions are presented. Using virtual IP addresses Chapter Problem determination Appendix A. Sample code. Payment Server V1. Abstract: Welcome to the electronic commerce world!

One of the most important parts of online shopping in electronic commerce is to ensure that a secured payment process is in place.


One of the reasons why many customers should consider using digital certificates is to secure their Internet and intranet applications. Everybody knows that nowadays almost every Internet application requires a user ID and password to get access to it. And of course it is very likely that one user never gets a single user ID for different applications, which means a user has to remember several user IDs and passwords.

The worst case is that users start to write down their passwords, which weakens the security policies that are in place.

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The answer to get rid of many user IDs and passwords is using digital certificates. For applications and servers that already support client authentication through digital certificates, there is no need to use User IDs and passwords anymore.

A single certificate issued by a well-known Certificate Authority can serve as an identifier of an entity for many applications. It explains how to set up the various servers and clients to use certificates. It also gives a basic introduction to the terms and technologies used when dealing with digital certificates and the Secured Socket Layer protocol.

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Abstract: This redbook is focused on RPG IV as a modern, thriving, and rich application development language for the 21st century. This book promises to drop little golden nuggets of information in the form of code samples and style guidelines.

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The updated. The updated sections are marked by change bars in Sections 5. Subprocedures Chapter 4. Abstract: This redbook provides sample scenarios that demonstrate common solution with example configurations. It is built from information contained in other existing redbooks which are referenced throughout this book, as well as new information developed specifically for this book.

In some cases, we provide more in-depth information, while, in other cases, we refer you to another source of more detailed documentation that goes beyond the basics. One of the most important pars of online shopping in electronic commerce is to ensure that a secured payment process is in place.

Prior to reading this redbook, you should have some knowledge of the concept of electronic commerce. Setting up the network Chapter 5. Sample Payment Server configuration.

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IBM Net. Commerce Version 2. Commerce provides the infrastructure around which an online shopping mall can bbe built. This shopping mall may be a mall of many stores or a single store mall. Commerce has two main components: the Net. Commerce Server and the Net.

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  • Commerce Administrator. The Net. Commerce Administrator provides Web browser-based tools for creating and maintaining the online mall and stores. The redbook looks in detail at both the Net. It also addresses the needs of application designers who create Net. Commerce sites. Commerce can run with the Version 4 Release 2 and Release 3.

    Throughout this document, we add notes where V4R3 implementations are different from V4R2. Smart Cards: A Case Study. Abstract: This redbook describes the components and the usage of smart cards and wiil help you to design, plan and implement projects that involve smart cards.

    These cards have the size and shape of credit cards, but contain a microprocessor and memory. They interchange data with the outside world through contacts or radio frequency. These cards provide a great deal of security for the data stored inside them. The security and mobility inherent in these cards have made them grow in popularity in the recent past for a number of applications, mainly in the financial area. In this book we describe the basic characteristics of a smart card, including standards, security features, programming and management of the cards, as well as the card readers.

    We go through the process of implementing an employee card solution in an imaginary company. Anyone who provides consulting and service activities or implements smart card solution will appreciate this book. We do not expect the reader to have previous knowledge of smart cards.

    Part 2 introduces new architectures and special purpose protocols, such as IP Version 6, IP security, quality of service, load balancing and Internet protocols. The information in this redbook helps you install, tailor, configure, and troubleshoot the firewall product through examples that evolve from simple to more complex scenarios.

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    Both servers provide support for multiple IP addresses, multiple server instances, configuration through a Web browser and access control. This redbook covers the use and configuration of both servers. For the secure server, the redbook includes certificate management, getting a certificate from a certificate authority, creating a self-signed certificate, and so on.