Unmanned Space Missions (An Explorers Guide to the Universe)

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The Britannica Guide to Statistics and Probability. Analysis and Calculus. The Britannica Guide to Electricity and Magnetism.

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  • NASA's Dragonfly mission is sending an eight-rotor drone to Titan.

The Britannica Guide to Sound and Light. Asteroids, Meteors, Meteorites, and Comets. Nicholas Faulkner. The Britannica Guide to the Atom. The Sun and the Origins of the Solar System.

Stars and Nebulae. The Inner Planets. The Complete History of Wheeled Transportation. The Britannica Guide to Particle Physics.

The Britannica Guide to Matter. The Milky Way and Other Galaxies. The Outer Planets.

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An Explorer's Guide to the Universe. Whitson also conducted more spacewalks than any other female astronaut, spending 60 hours and 21 minutes outside of the space station. On her last space station mission, Whitson became the oldest female astronaut, at 57, to reach orbit. On Nov.

An Explorer's Guide to the Universe Series, 1st Edition

It took the probe six months to travel more than million miles, and was the first landing on Mars since the Curiosity Rover in On Oct. The Kepler team discovered 2, exoplanet candidates and confirmed the existence of 2, exoplanets in the galaxy outside of our solar system. On Jan. The paper detailed the findings of the research, which monitored the effect of spaceflight on the human body. Scott Kelly spent days in space on the International Space Station and became the first American astronaut to spend almost a year in space.

He returned to earth on March 2, The research revealed the ways spending that much time in space can affect things such as the expression of genes and immune system responses.

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Image credit: Virgin Galactic. Image credit: SpaceX.

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